Music Business Development Consulting

On this site you won't find a bunch of  pictures of me with big stars, or a list of celebrity endorsements.  It's not that I don't have satisfied clients or cheesy photos to display, it's that  I don't think that any of those things are particularly relevant  to *your* needs.  

What I have to offer is an ability to learn where *you* are now and where you want to go.  Then,  based on my experience and knowledge, I  help craft a plan that serves your needs and helps you grow your career.  

Rather than relying upon words of others or even mine here, I'd invite you to call or email so that we can discuss you, your career and where you want to go.  I'll also talk a bit about me and where I'm coming from and what I can offer you.  There is no charge for a 10 minute initial conversation.   I want to make sure that we are both confident that our working together will net you something of value in exchange for my fee.

My consulting services are simple, there are no packages to buy, no gimmicks, no risk, no BS.   There are bunch of people that prey on the hopes, dreams and aspirations of musicians - I have no interest in being one of them - or even being perceived as one of them.

If you are an artist, a new manager or booking agent interested in learning more about my services, simply contact me by phone or email here.   We'll speak by phone  so that I can learn a bit about you and your career, and you can learn about me.  There is no charge for this conversation.  Before you spend a dime, I want you to feel like you can get something for your money, and I want to feel like I can give you something for your money *that you will use*.

If we both feel like its a good fit, we schedule a later date to speak 'on the clock' at my hourly rate of $150.  My minimum initial consultation time is 1 hour.  We talk, I email you an invoice and you can either mail me a check or pay by PayPal... simple, no?

From there, it's anything from a once and done thing,  a quarterly  check in, to a regular, weekly consultation - how it works is up to you and your needs.  There's no hard sell from me - if you feel you are getting good help and need more, I'm here.

I look forward to helping you make the most of your efforts to build your career.

updated: 5 years ago