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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another movie I can't recommend enough.  Do two consecutive posts about movies mean that this is now a movie blog? Not as such, but I think they are both worthy of your time.

Some questions the film raises - What is real?  What is art? What about media and the masses in search of the next, hip thing?  Is grafitti 'art'?  To me very little of it is, but in this movie you can see some that I think actually fits that description, despite it being 'exhibited' on other people's property and in some cases creating an eyesore.

I have no doubt that what is depicted at the end of the movie was a real event, I mean, real people stood in line, there was stuff on the walls, it got written up in the press like an actual art show, but is the whole thing a creation of Banksy?  Is the person purported to be Banksy in the movie even Banksy?  Is there even a sole person who is Banksy? or is it a collective? (probably harder to pull off in todays day and age, but perhaps possible).  As a musician, if you are engaged in anything 'conceptual' this film has much to offer, and even if your music is simply straightforward and from the heart, there's lot's to learn here in terms of how people's perceptions can be influenced by the execution of a concept.

Whatever the whole move is, to me it works on so many levels - poking as much fun at itself and the whole idea of pop art and street art, while still showing that there is art there - many of Banksy's creations ask questions that painfully few in the media actually are willing to ask.

Just see the movie, it's a blast.

Click here for the film website.   For the UK trailer, click here - it's slightly better than the US trailer.

UPDATE:  In case you didn't see or hear about it, here's  Banksy's opening to The Simpsons

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