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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

If you perform or simply like music, please watch this:

Done?  Great, now what did you notice?  Brilliant harmonies, well sung, inventive percussion and video work about as simple as it can be, yes?  So how can you tie this to your music?  The first thing I would point out is the masterful performance.  None of these women wrote this song - it was originally recorded by the Swedish dance/pop performer Robyn (co-written by Robyn, along with Alexander Kronlund and Klas Ahlund).  But what this trio has done with and to this song is nothing short of remarkable to me.  They take a reasonably well crafted pop song and turn it into something that lives, breathes and soars so far beyond the manufactured, commercial production of the original. They turn it into a haunting, beautiful song and a much more significant work of art in my opinion.   The lesson I’d invite you to take away from this is that if the *music* is brilliantly conceived and performed, the rest of the trappings are much, much less significant.  Would a recording of your music around a kitchen table work?  And yet in this instance the music and performance is so brilliant, it *does* work.  It is inescapable that your music needs to be brilliant, not simply serviceable. It needs to brilliantly offer something remarkable and unique.  Striving for and achieving excellence is not optional if you wish to build a real and sustainable career.  Kitchen table recordings *are* optional, however....

More on Erato,  the group performing:  they are:  Ebba Lovisa Andersson, Amanda Wikström and Petra Brohäll.

If you read Swedish:  Their Facebook page

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